Kid friendly

Three lunchbox ideas (healthy, kid friendly and easy)

To make it less hectic during the weekday mornings, it’s a good idea to prep some of the items for the lunch boxes on the weekends, involving your kids and making it a fun weekend activity. This way the kids are excited about it when they take it to the school and more likely to…

Malai Kofta (Indian cottage cheese dumplings in a creamy sauce)

A favorite at many Indian households, malai kofta wins hearts with its creamy and tangy sauce, and the soft cottage cheese dumplings. I made my koftas (dumplings) with home made paneer and cooked them in the microwave instead of frying. Accompanied by a rich and creamy sauce these are hard to resist, even if you…

No-cook, fun and healthy lunchbox ideas

When it comes to making lunchboxes in the morning rush hour, I prefer something quick and easy. But on the same time it should be healthy and fun for the kids too. These no cook lunchbox ideas are ready in a few minutes and are no mess for the little ones too.

Apple Donuts

These are a great way to satisfy your kids’ (or your) donut cravings minus the unhealthy amount of sugar and dough. Mine love them as much as the regular donuts and always consider them as treats.

Homemade Pineapple Jam

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make your own homemade pineapple jam. This jam has been one of the life savior for me. My kids can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner (if permitted 😉).

Egg and Toast Roll-ups

These rolls could me made in several variations. Add a sausage in between, or shredded chicken. Or make them sweet by adding sugar, Nutella or marmalade. Whatever your kid might like. It is much more fun than a regular french toast.

Egg Pizza Muffins (keto friendly)

Ever craved for a pizza for breakfast but also don’t want to miss out on your daily dose of eggs? These egg pizza muffins are just the right thing for those mornings. Satisfying all those pizza cravings (in a much healthier way), they are a hit with the kids too.

Whole-wheat Burger Buns

These freshly baked homemade buns will take your burgers to the next level. These are much more fulfilling and tastier than the refined flour ones. Once you have them, you would never want to go back to the store bought ones.