Hi, I am Mizna

I was born and raised in India. I moved to Germany after getting married, where I am currently living with my husband and two kids. I and my husband both have had a history of health issues due to our eating habits in the past. But as the saying goes:

“Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before.”

Now, being responsible for a family, and having experienced how food could impact one’s quality of life, I want to incorporate good eating habits in our family. Feeding them wholesome and nutritious food gives me immense satisfaction and motivates me to discover and innovate recipes for healthy eating.

For me, healthy eating is all about finding the right balance. What you like to eat versus what is good for you, is a battle many of us fight every day. But what if you don’t have to choose only one? My aim at indischwindisch is to provide you both: healthy and wholesome food, which nourishes your body and soul.

My Indian heritage is reflected in the name ‘indisch’ which means ‘Indian’ in German language, and ‘windisch’ signifies my love for cuisine from all around the world.

And as they say,

“It takes a wise person to learn from their mistake, but an even wiser person to learn from others.”

So, join me on my journey, as a wise person, if not even wiser.