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Fusion Lover Menu

This menu is for people who like to try out new kinds of foods, people who like to be experimental and adventurous. There are plenty of innovative, fusion recipes here.

The Brunch Guests Menu

The idea of this menu is that it’s laid down on the table and guests can enjoy it over a period of time, so the breakfast and lunch could both be covered.

Instant Mirch ka Achaar (Chili Pickle)

This is an instant pick me up for the dishes with which you need to add some spice. Using my mother’s recipe, this achaar definitely brings the spice game up.

The Vegan Guests Menu

This vegan menu is designed to keep a fine balance between taste and nutrition.

Avocado Chocolate Mousse (with chili and cardamom, Vegan)

Making chocolate mousse could be technical, but not this one. Plus this version is so much more heathier than the usual chocolate mousse.

The Asian Inspired Menu

This menu includes some of the most popular Asian curries. Perfect for those who enjoy spicy flavours and bold taste.

Lemongrass Ginger Tea (Caffeine Free)

This tea is relaxation in every sip. The combination of lemongrass with ginger is incredible, and also helps sooth the throat.

Beef Rendang (with or without Instant Pot)

Originating from Indonesia, beef rendang has been consistently voted as world’s top favourite dish. Its bursting with flavours and aromas. The ingredients list might look extensive but the process is pretty straightforward.

Thai Raw Papaya Salad

I never imagined that raw papaya could be made so delicious. This salad will keep you asking for more.

Dates and Nuts Laddoos (flavoured with saffron and cardamom)

These added sugar free, gluten free laddoos are also packed with protein, making them a healthier choice for dessert or an accompaniment for evening chai, or even as a post workout snack. I have tried several recipes for making dates and nuts laddoos. I kept changing and experimenting with my recipes until I tried this…


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