Fusion Lover Menu

This menu is for people who like to try out new kinds of foods, people who like to be experimental and adventurous. There are plenty of innovative, fusion recipes here.

The Brunch Guests Menu

The idea of this menu is that it’s laid down on the table and guests can enjoy it over a period of time, so the breakfast and lunch could both be covered.

The Asian Inspired Menu

This menu includes some of the most popular Asian curries. Perfect for those who enjoy spicy flavours and bold taste.

The Finger Food Menu

Whether it is an evening get together, an office event, a kindergarten party or a school celebration, finger food is always needed. The best thing about this whole menu is that you do not need any crockery, cutlery or glasses, other than serving dishes.

The Vegetarian Guests Menu

Keeping a balance of rich curries, spicy sabzies and aromatic pulaos, along with delicious sides and a classic dessert which is loved by everyone.

The Little Guests Menu

A menu having the little ones’ preferences in focus, while still keeping it healthier and wholesome. There’s plenty of variety and things to keep them well fed.

The Grill Party Menu

A fun party around the grill, with food items that make a summer day more enjoyable. Major preps for this menu can be done a day in advance.

The Spontaneous Guests Menu

This menu is designed for occasions when you are having guests on short notice or when you do not have much time to cook or prep. It comes together in an hour or two, but will still give your guests the impression as if you have spent hours in the kitchen.

Daawat Menus

A collection of different menus to cater guests with various needs and tastes. Whether vegan, vegetarian, or meat lovers. Grill party or kid’s party, its all covered. Here’s a quick preview. Every Friday, a new menu will be posted containing links to the recipes.