Instant Mirch ka Achaar (Chili Pickle)

This is an instant pick me up for the dishes with which you need to add some spice. Using my mother’s recipe, this achaar definitely brings the spice game up.

Instant Amla Achaar

This instant achaar is a delicious way of consuming amla (Indian gooseberries) on a regular basis.

Keema Zucchini

The combination of keema and zucchini comes out super delicious. It’s a wholesome and filling dish, perfect for the weekdays.

Bhopali Poha (Breakfast Style)

Made with flattened (and dried) rice, poha is a famous street food in India. There are different variations of poha in different regions. This one is from Bhopal.

Shahi Zeera Pulao

A perfect add on to your daawat menu. This shahi zeera pulao is a great replacement for plain rice on special occasions. Serve it along any kinds of curries, sabzis or sauces.

Shahi Tukray (Eid Special Dessert)

Shahi Tukray are a dessert that is served at weddings and special events in India and Pakistan. It combines layers of bread, milk, khoya and nuts to make a harmonious dish which tastes divine.

Kala Chana Chaat (Brown Chickpeas)

Kala Chana aka brown chickpeas is a more nutritious cousin of the white variety of chickpeas. Its a great option to add to your Ramadan menu, be it for suhoor or for iftar.