Thai Raw Papaya Salad

I never imagined that raw papaya could be made so delicious. This salad will keep you asking for more.


This is our favourite way of consuming avocados. My family fights over it every time I make it.

The Vegetarian Guests Menu

Keeping a balance of rich curries, spicy sabzies and aromatic pulaos, along with delicious sides and a classic dessert which is loved by everyone.

Instant Amla Achaar

This instant achaar is a delicious way of consuming amla (Indian gooseberries) on a regular basis.

Bhopali Poha (Breakfast Style)

Made with flattened (and dried) rice, poha is a famous street food in India. There are different variations of poha in different regions. This one is from Bhopal.

Arugula-Grapes Salad

This side salad has been our current everyday favourite. It goes well with almost all kinds of dishes.

Shahi Zeera Pulao

A perfect add on to your daawat menu. This shahi zeera pulao is a great replacement for plain rice on special occasions. Serve it along any kinds of curries, sabzis or sauces.