Hungarian Beef Goulash

Chunks of beef cooked in a thick tomato and paprika based broth. This stew has a rustic character and dates back to centuries.

Beef Stew (Indian Style)

This beef stew is a Eid specialty and also often used to be a main item for daawats (events) at our home back in India.

Sweet Potato Halwa (without sugar/ Paleo)

Who says desserts can’t be healthy? Or healthy desserts can’t be delicious? This creamy, caramelised sweet potato halwa is a healthy and delicious sweet treat.

Gajar ka Halwa (Indian Carrot Dessert) with no added sugar

This gajar ka halwa uses dates instead of sugar for sweetness, and contains limited amount of ghee. If you use an instant pot or pressure cooker, this halwa will be done in less than 30 minutes. The cooking technique ensures that the nutritional content is maximized while keeping the flavors intact.

No Butter-Butter Chicken

Who says that you can’t make a butter chicken without butter. This creamy and smooth no butter version is as good as the butter loaded one, with way less calories. Serve it along cauliflower rice and enjoy your guilt free meal.