Mango Tiramisu

Get lost between layers of mango and mascarpone cream. This is a delicious take on mascarpone for summer when mangoes are in season.

8 Eid Desserts To Celebrate and Share

Here is a compilation of desserts which include some fusion ones and some classics. There are even options for people watching out for their health or for people with diabetes.

Shahi Tukray (Eid Special Dessert)

Shahi Tukray are a dessert that is served at weddings and special events in India and Pakistan. It combines layers of bread, milk, khoya and nuts to make a harmonious dish which tastes divine.

Persian Love Cake

This cake has lovely notes of rose and cardamom. The almond meal and semolina gives it an incredible texture, pistachios add a nice crunch.

10-Minutes Laddoo

Nobody would believe you made these in 10 minutes. Packed in a beautiful box, these make a great gift too. Also a big hit at kids’ parties (okay, adults too).

Banana and Orange French Toast

A picky eater approved recipe, even though this is a healthier version. It’s one of the favorite school lunch box item for my kids.

Sweet Potato Halwa (without sugar/ Paleo)

Who says desserts can’t be healthy? Or healthy desserts can’t be delicious? This creamy, caramelised sweet potato halwa is a healthy and delicious sweet treat.