Baked Dahi-Baray (with kefir)

This classic recipe just got healthier and lighter on stomach. By some easy twists and tweaks, you will be able to enjoy your favorite dahi-baray in a much mindful way.

Healthy Ramadan Prep

Glide in a healthy spirit through Ramadan with these make-ahead, freezer friendly ideas.

Vegan Shami Kabab

Crunchy from the outside and melt-in-the-mouth inside. These kababs are so good that you won’t be able to resist eating just one.

Borani Banjan (made healthier)

Layers of baked eggplants, tomato sauce and a garlic yogurt sauce. Serve it as a side or main, this dish will be an eye catcher on your table.

Kesar-Pista Mango Shake

The addition of kesar (saffron) adds flavor, while pista (pistachios) adds a nice crunchy texture, making this mango shake even more special