8 Eid Desserts To Celebrate and Share

Here is a compilation of desserts which include some fusion ones and some classics. There are even options for people watching out for their health or for people with diabetes.

Some dessert treats are well deserved on occasions like Eid. But do not forget to be mindful about your consumption. Savour your sweets for a longer amount of time and eat in small portions. Share and celebrate with others as well. Wishing you all a wonderful Eid.

1. Siwai Tiramisu

This dessert is a fusion between siwai and tiramisu. Make it a day ahead and let it set in the fridge. You will be able to cut it like a cake.

2. Shahi Tukrey

Combining layers of fried bread, flavoured milk, khoya and toasted nuts, this classic is a favourite for many. Best to make it a day ahead to let all the layers harmonise with each other. Means less work for you on Eid day.

3. 10 Minute laddoos

Got a busy day and looking for quick dessert ideas? These 10 minute laddoos have got you sorted. They also make a great gift idea to share with neighbours and friends.

4. Sweet Potato Halwa

Watching your calories this Eid but still want to enjoy a (healthier) dessert? This sweet potato halwa is the answer. It uses natural sweetness from sweet potato and doesn’t need any added sugar. With the beautiful orange color, it still looks festive enough.

5. Shahi Kaiserschmarrn

Kaiserschmarrn (popular Austrian dessert) is kind of thick pancakes, typically served with apple sauce. I made a twist to the traditional kaiserschmarrn recipe and drenched the pancakes in a flavored milk, infused with flavours from cardamom and saffron. This one is a fusion of kaiserschmarrn and shahi tukrey, using components from both recipes. An interesting one indeed.

6. Gajar ka Halwa

This gajar ka halwa uses the sweetness of dates and doesn’t contain any added sugar. Also keeping the amount of ghee to minimal, it’s a lighter and healthier version comparatively. Instant pot quickens the cooking process considerably.

7. Persian Love Cake

You can sure go by a dessert whose name suggests love. This Persian cake has notes of cardamom and rose, making it feel festive. The base is semolina and almond meal, which provides a lovely texture. I love it along a cup of chai, which feels extra special, more so after Ramadan.

8. Almond Flour Halwa

Using almond flour instead of semolina and sweetened with dates instead of sugar, this is a much healthier version of traditional sooji ka halwa (semolina halwa). If you have people with diabetes or heart problems, this halwa is a good choice to add to your Eid menu.

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