10 Healthy Iftar Ideas To Make You Feel Good After Fasting

Here is a compilation of recipes for iftar that will satisfy your cravings without being heavy on the stomach. The ones that won’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards.

1. Baked Veg Pakoras

There are so many people for whom Ramadan is incomplete without pakoras. Try baking your pakoras instead of deep frying. You will have some delicious, crispy pakoras that are non-greasy and much healthier than the fried ones. It’s one of my most popular recipes.

2. Honey Mustard Chicken

Honey mustard chicken is loved by kids and adults. Throw some veggies on the side and make it a filling meal. The best thing about this chicken is that you can marinate it a day in advance and throw it into the oven for iftar. It wouldn’t take much effort.

3. Chaatlets

Make these chaatlets on your next iftar party and get ready to receive compliments. Chaatlets are a cross between chaat and tartlets. But all without frying and added sugars. A fancier spin on papri chaat.

4. Watermelon Feta Salad

You love a refreshing treat for iftar? Watermelon shouldn’t be missed on your iftar table? Try combining it with feta, and adding some other refreshing ingredients like cucumber and mint. This salad feels like a burst of freshness after the long fast.

5. Borani Banjan

This layered dish with eggplant, tomato and yogurt is very popular in Afghanistan. My version is a healthier take as it omits the frying of the aubergines and bakes them instead, making it light but without compromising on taste. Not just the taste, the colors are appealing on the eye too.

6. Baked Dahi Baray

If you have an oven, you should not be deep frying your baray. You will be surprised how soft and delicious the baked version turns out. Its hard to tell them apart from the fried ones. The best part? You can make 24 (even 48) baras at the same time, which is super convenient. Make a big batch and freeze for later use.

7. Hariyali Chicken Skewers

Marinated in a herby sauce, these chicken skewers are a treat to the eyes and tummy. You can marinate it a day in advance, only to sear, grill or bake them before serving. Serve with lemon marinated onion, for that street style taste.

8. Kala Chana Chaat

Brown chickpeas being more nutritious and filling than the white variety, make a delicious and nourishing chaat. With all the colors and flavour combinations going on, this is an eye catcher on the table.

9. Shami Kabab

My mummy’s famous recipe of shami kababs. Use them to make sandwiches, buns, wraps or have them with green chutney. They are freezer friendly so make a big batch and enjoy for days.

10. Beef Kabab

Trust the older generation to pass on the best traditional recipes to you. This one is from my mother-in-law. I make them in big batches and freeze. I love having them with some lemon marinated onion and green chutney. But you can also serve these between paratha rolls or use them to make sandwich fillings.

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