Mummy’s Methi Parathas

Methi parathas bring back cosy winter memories when my mother used to make them for us as kids.

Brown Rice Tahiri (Turmeric Rice)

Your favorite comfort food just got healthier. Swapping white rice with brown in this tahiri, makes it more nutritious as well as filling. A plate of tahiri with your favorite achaar. Isn’t that just irresistible? But is one plate enough? It is if you swap white rice with brown rice. Why is it so? Read…

Easy Chaat waale Chhole (Street style Chickpeas)

Chhole are one of the street foods which could be enjoyed in a healthier way by making it at home and sticking to clean toppings. Here is a quick and easy recipe to satisfy your chaat cravings in minutes.

Multi-grain Chapati (Indian Flatbread)

A mix of whole-wheat flour, spelt flour, gram flour and flax seeds, each providing their nutritional and health benefits. The combination makes for wholesome, delicious and soft chapatis, that compliment your curries, sabzis and daals perfectly.