Laser Hair Removal Device Review

After going through several methods for body and face hair removal, I finally settled onto this one about 3 years ago. Sharing my personal experiences with the device.

Before I start, please note that this is not a paid review. I am sharing this review based on my personal experience of 3 years with the device.

Facial body and hair removal is a big topic among women. I have had my struggles dealing with it, especially after coming to Germany. Getting it done here professionally means emptying your pockets, and doing it at home requires a lot of hassle and time.

I wanted to look for a solution that is long lasting, isn’t too painful and doesn’t cost me a fortune. I read about laser hair removal devices on several forums and groups. Many women were using it and were quite happy with the results. So, I decided to give it a go as well.

I have been using mine for 3 years now with good results. I am happy to have finally found the solution for body and facial hair removal. Below I am sharing some frequently asked questions about the device.

Which model do I have?

I have Philips Lumea Advanced IPL BRI921.

Where did I buy it from?

I bought it from Amazon. Here is the link for you.

How much does it cost?

It costed me 197,00 € when I got it back in 2019. Now it’s costing around 215,00 € on regular price.

On what principle does the device work?

Laser devices release light pulses which travel through the skin. The heat stimulates the hair root to go into its natural resting phase, where it falls out naturally and does not grow back for a while.

How to use the device?

Before each use, you have to remove the hair from the area you want to treat. Shaving is recommended as it leaves the follicle behind to be exposed to light pulses. I usually use a razor for shaving. Then you put the device, facing the head snuggly onto the skin. Once the blinking white notification light on the back stabilizes, it’s ready to be used. You press the button on the handle which generates a light pulse (laser) onto the skin. In this way, the whole area has to be treated.

If you prefer to wax or epilate, you have to wait at least 24 hours to use the laser device on those areas.

Can it be used on the face as well?

Yes, the model that I have (this one) comes with an attachment to be used on the face too. The difference between the attachments for the face and other body parts is that the face attachment is built smaller. This helps to fit onto the curves and nooks of the face nicely. It also has a gentler laser affect to treat the face skin delicately.

How often do you have to use it?

There are 2 phases of the treatment:

Initial phase: In the first few months, you have to repeat the treatment every 2 weeks. The duration of this phase depends on your skin tone and hair type. The app will guide you properly (more about the app below).

Touch-up phase: Once you have completed the initial phase, the touch up phase follows. During this phase, you have to repeat the treatment every 4 weeks.

The scheduled treatment date could vary 2-3 days (ahead or after) for optimal results. I highly recommend you to download the Philips Lumea IPL App to get notified about your sessions and get helpful information about the device.

Once you’ve flashed your way to hair-free skin, you can maintain it by using the Lumea every four to eight weeks.

Do you always have to shave/wax/epilate before every session?

You only have to do this before your first few treatments, once you don’t have many hairs left on the surface of your skin you can directly start with the treatment.

Do you have to shave the face as well?

Yes, shaving is the recommended option. Don’t worry you won’t get manly hair if you shave using a razor. However, if you still prefer waxing or epilating, you will have to wait for 24 hours before doing your treatment with the device.

Why do you have to stick to the scheduled dates for your sessions?

The pigment of your hair (also called melanin) is actually what’s absorbing the light energy (laser). Hair is more pigmented when it is in the growing phase, so IPL is most effective during this time and recommended to be used within that time frame.

What if you missed a treatment?

A treatment is missed if you don’t complete it within the treatment window. In that case, you will have to do some additional sessions to get back on track. If you missed 2 treatments in a row, you will have to restart the initial phase to get desired results.

Is there any app to remind you of your sessions?

Download the Philips Lumea IPL App to get reminders and notifications about your sessions. It helped me a lot to keep on track with my sessions without having to mark the dates on my calendar.

On which skin and hair type could the device be used?

According to the product manufacturer, light skin and dark hair is the optimum combination for the light pulses to reach the hair root. However, you do not have to be very light (fair) skinned to be able to use the product.

I myself am not very light skinned, but have been using the device with good results. I do have dark hair though which is a positive point for the product usage. However, please note that I am not able to use it on certain areas that are darker toned (like knees and elbows) so I still get hair on those areas. Do a patch test to determine if the device is suitable for you (details below).

How to know if the device is suitable for you or not?

I would recommend purchasing it from a seller (like Amazon) to whom you are able to return the device if not suitable for you. Make sure to check if the device is working on your skin tone, immediately after you purchase it. To check, place the device on a body area that you wish to treat. If the notification light at the back of the device is white, it is ready to be used. If you see an orange light, it means that the area isn’t suitable for treatment. In that case, try it on other areas and see if it is working there. If it still signals an orange light, that means that the device isn’t suitable for you.

Are there areas on which you cannot use the device?

If the signal light flashes orange on a certain area, that means it is not suitable to be used there. I, for example, cannot use it on my knees, ankles and bikini area. In summer, my knuckles also get darker with sun exposure so the device sometimes doesn’t work on there as well.

This means that the untreated areas will still get hair growth. To remove hair from those areas, I either use my How long does it take for the hair to grow back again?

In the initial phase (first 2-3 months), the hair do grow back in about 2 weeks. The amount of hair that grows back reduces with the number of sessions. Once you have completed your initial phase, you can expect to be hair-free for about 4 weeks after your session. The period of regrowth gets even longer after using the device for more than a year and doing all your scheduled sessions on time.

When did I start seeing results?

I started seeing significant results 3 months into the treatment. However, after using it for an year (following all the scheduled sessions on time), I was able to achieve the results that I wanted. Lumea is not a quick hair-free solution. It requires you to be consistent and follow the schedule. Once you have made through that, the results are worth it.

How effective is it on the face?

If you do the sessions correctly and timely, it is very effective on the face too, and keeps it hair free.

Is it painful to use the device?

No, it should not hurt. The skin gets slightly warmed up, but it doesn’t pain at all. If it is hurting, it means that you will have to lower the intensity for your skin (the intensity goes from 1-5). I usually use 3 in summer and 4 in winter.

Can you use it on bikini area?

Depending on your skin tone and hair type, you may or may not use it on bikini area. To test, place the device onto the desired area. If it flashes orange, it is not suitable to use there. If the notification light on the back is white, you may go ahead and use it. Adjust the intensity that is comfortable for you.

Are there any ingrown hair?

Personally, I have not experienced having in-grown hair using the device.

What if you have sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, the manufacturer recommends using an ice-pack before the treatment session to balance the heat of flashes.

From what age could the device be used?

According to manufacturer, Philips Lumea is not intended for children under the age of 18 years.

Have I experienced any side effects after using this device?

Personally, I have not experienced any visible side effects in the 3 years that I have been using the device. However, I suggest you to please do your own research before investing in one.

Is there any visible redness after the treatment?

I have experienced slight redness on the face, but mainly due to shaving prior to the session. The redness goes away within an hour or two of the session. Make sure to use a light intensity on your device that is comfortable for you.

What are the limitations of this device?

The main limiting factor for this device in my case is that I am not able to use it on the whole body. I still have to shave or epilate the darker toned areas of my body (knees, elbow, bikini zone). I wish they would develop a device that works for darker skin tone as well. The second limiting factor is the cumbersome initial phase where you have to shave and do the sessions every second week without delaying the process much.

What are some common mistakes to be avoided?

  • Not shaving or cleaning the skin prior to the session.
  • Missing the scheduled sessions or delaying the sessions.
  • Missing certain patches of the area while doing the session.
  • Treating an area twice.
  • Doing the sessions earlier than the recommended schedule.
  • Using an intensity that causes you pain/is hurtful.

Will you be able to stay hair-free permanently?

To be able to keep hair from coming, you will have to do touch up sessions every now and then after you have successfully completed all the phases (that usually takes more than a year). The app will help schedule your sessions to suit you best.

After completing all my sessions for 2 years, I have to do the treatment once every two months now.

Can you use Philips Lumea while you are pregnant or breastfeeding?

Quoting from the manufacturer “From an ethical point of view, Philips Lumea has never been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women. Therefore, we advise pregnant and/or breastfeeding women to not use Philips Lumea.”

Is it effective for women with PCOS?

I cannot speak from personal experience because I do not have PCOS. But I have heard from women with PCOS having positive experiences using laser devices.


In my experience, the Philips Lumea is worth buying. Even at more than 200 €, you will still be saving lots of money by not having to go to the professionals for hair removal, nor having to buy any wax or waxing strips anymore. The convenience of doing the sessions at home certainly adds to it. Make sure to check if it is suitable for your skin, immediately after purchase and return if it doesn’t work for you.

Hope this review helped you to make a decision. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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