12 Recipes to get you in Autumn moods

Warm, comforting and colorful meals. Autumn is all about being cosy and feeling pampered. These 12 meals tick all the right boxes.

1. Mizna’s Signature Chicken Soup

This is the first thing I stock up on when the weather starts to get cooler. This soup is great for immunity boosting and is super comforting when you feel under the weather. Recipe here.

2. Butternut Squash Risotto

Nothing screams more autumn like squash and pumpkin. This risotto is an autumn must. Recipe here.

3. Hungarian Beef Goulash

Chunks of beef cooked in a thick tomato and paprika based broth. This stew has a rustic character and dates back to centuries. Recipe here.

4. Carrot and Coconut Soup

Sweetness of carrots getting just the right balance from the zesty ginger, some tartness from tomatoes and creaminess from coconut milk. The color of this vegan soup gives a total fall vibe. Recipe here.

5. Brown Rice Tahiri

Tahiri is a comfort food for many. We made it healthier by switching white rice with brown. It is still super comforting and delicious. The vibrant color comes from fresh turmeric. Recipe here.

6. Fig and Feta Salad

With the onset of autumn, figs are in season. Figs and feta make such a delicious combo. You will fall in love with this salad at the first try. Recipe here.

7. Sambhar

This popular lentil and vegetables stew is from the south of India. The warm spices and aromas will instantly make you feel pampered. Recipe here.

8. Spicy Pumpkin Soup

Of course, this one had to be on the list. This soup perfectly presents a harmony between the sweetness of pumpkin and the heat from red chili and black pepper. Recipe here.

9. Magic Chili-con-Carne

This chili-con-carne comes together like magic in an Instant pot. Just a few minutes is all you need to have this deliciousness on the table. Recipe here.

10. Panchmel Dal

This is not your average dal. Panchmel means a mixture of five. This dal combines five sorts of lentils together, which gives it an amazing texture and scrumptious flavors. It is nostalgia in a bowl for me. Recipe here.

11. Thai Sweet Potato Soup

Before you start thinking, let me clarify that this soup is not from Thailand. It is one of my creations. ‘Thai’ because it has some typical Thai ingredients like bird’s eye chilies, fish sauce, kefir lime leaves and lemon grass. Sounds interesting, right? You need to give it a try. Recipe here.

12. Turkish Lentil Soup with chili oil

Don’t think of it as masoor dal. This soup is very different due to the use of spices like dried mint and ajvar. The chili oil should not be missed. It takes the flavor to the next level. Recipe here.

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