Make These Indian Restaurant Favourites at Home

I have compiled a list of some of the most popular dishes that are served at the Indian restaurants, that you can make at home. We have added some personal twists to the dishes.

1. Butter Chicken (in 30 minutes)

One of the most ordered dish at Indian restaurants isn’t too complicated to make at home. All you need is a handful of ingredients and 30 minutes. This one is a somewhat healthier, but no less delicious version. Recipe linked here.

2. Punjabi Palak Paneer

When chunks of Indian cottage cheese (paneer) is cooked in a creamy spinach sauce, palak paneer is born. A vegetarian dish that not only impresses with its looks, but also tastes exceptional. Recipe linked here.

3. Wedding Style Chicken Qorma (Korma)

A classic for Indian muslim weddings, chicken qorma is filled with aromatic spices and intense flavors, that will take you back to a desi wedding. Try it with some naan, and you will be in food heaven. Recipe linked here.

4. Healthier Stove-top Naans

After trying and experimenting for several months, I finally settled for this recipe which not only makes healthier, soft and delicious naans, but also only requires a stove top to make. Try these tonight. Recipe linked here.

5. Restaurant Style Paneer Qorma

Pneer qorma is also often available as shahi paneer at restaurants. I always get complimented and asked for the recipe whenever I serve it to my guests. I make it using my own homemade paneer (but you can use store-bought as well). Make it on your next get together and be ready to receive praises. Recipe linked here.

6. Chicken Tikka Masala

Another one of the most popular dish served at many Indian restaurants around the world is actually not a traditional Indian recipe. Nevertheless, it is absolutely delicious and not to be missed. Recipe linked here.

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