Tuna Kababs with Guacamole

Crispy and caramelized top, soft and flavorful center: these kababs have it all. Slathered with a creamy guacamole, you won’t be able to resist them straight out of the pan. They also freeze perfectly, so make a big batch and enjoy for days.

Chaat Bites

The baked sweet potatoes work wonderfully as a base to make these healthier chaat bites. This could be a fun make-your-own appetizers/snack for any party. Serve with variations of toppings, the possibilities are endless.

Easy Cheesy Wings

These are the easiest, quickest chicken wings you will ever make. My kids like cheese and ketchup, so I combined these two flavors.

No-cook, fun and healthy lunchbox ideas

When it comes to making lunchboxes in the morning rush hour, I prefer something quick and easy. But on the same time it should be healthy and fun for the kids too. These no cook lunchbox ideas are ready in a few minutes and are no mess for the little ones too.

Baked Achaari Cheese wings

Rubbed with spicy garlic pickle, coated with cheddar and then baked to a golden crisp, these chicken wings will take you into a different world of fusion.