No-cook, fun and healthy lunchbox ideas

When it comes to making lunchboxes in the morning rush hour, I prefer something quick and easy. But on the same time it should be healthy and fun for the kids too. These no cook lunchbox ideas are ready in a few minutes and are no mess for the little ones too.

For 3 of the ideas, you will need bamboo sticks. The kind that is used for burgers. We ordered these ones from Amazon. (Unbezahlte Werbung)

These really make the lunchboxes so much more fun and makes it easier for the kids to eat too. It also prevents the food from bruising and hitting the walls of the lunchbox. Fresh fruits/vegetables often get bruised in the lunchbox resulting in spoilage and leaving the lunchbox messy, which often puts the kids off. These bamboo sticks are going to be your/your kids’ best friends.

This is how A and Z prepared their own lunchboxes:

Tomarella (Tomato-Mozarella) and fruit sticks

These are some of my kids’ favourite things that’s why we chose these to put into our sticks. You could choose any fruits, vegetables or cheese of choice and modify them according to your taste. Just cut them in bite size pieces and insert into the sticks.

Sandwich sticks

This has all the components that would make a sandwich, just cut into bite sized pieces, and inserted into a stick. This makes it a no mess way, especially for the younger ones, to have it. I let my kids chose the ingredients for their sandwiches. We used a small sized, whole wheat sandwich bread and spread it with butter/cream cheese to make ours.

Cucumber Bites

My kids love their veggies with hummus. But they got bored of having it the usual way. So, I made it look fun by hollowing my cucumber and adding hummus in between. You can play around with the fillings and make different variations, like with grapes (as seen here) or with carrots, or cream cheese or cheese cubes.

We used an apple corer, that we bought from edeka to easily hollow our cucumber. You can find it on amazon too. Or you could simply cut the cucumber in slices, and create a circle in the center removing the seeded part using a knife. Keep the fun going.

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