Apple Donuts

These are a great way to satisfy your kids’ (or your) donut cravings minus the unhealthy amount of sugar and dough. Mine love them as much as the regular donuts and always consider them as treats.

A few days ago, while walking my 3 year old to the kindergarten and taking the opportunity of one-on-one time with him, I asked, “Zidaan, what are you thinking about right now?”,
His reply, “I am thinking about something sweet, like ice cream or cake, or muffins.”

He has a big sweet tooth. He can have sweets anytime, anywhere, in any amount (if mama doesn’t watch). Of course, I want him to enjoy the things that make him happy. But at the same time, I care about his well being, and don’t want all the negative impacts that often accompanies the sweets (tooth decay, insulin spike, inflammation to quote a few).

So, trying to find the balance between keeping him happy and me satisfied, I made these apple donuts using cream cheese and variations of home made jams. They delivered what was expected and made both mama and kids happy.

Here is the recipe; written instructions below:

Ingredients: makes 8-10 donuts / Preparation time 10 minutes

• 6 Tbsp cream cheese (I used philadelphia classic)
• 2 tsp homemade pineapple jam
• 2 tsp homemade strawberry jam
• 1 tsp homemade blueberry jam
• sprinkles or smarties


1) Divide the cream cheese into 4 equal parts (putting into separate bowls).

2) Add pineapple jam to one bowl, strawberry jam to the second one and blueberry to the third one, leaving the last one white.

3) Slice 2 apples horizontally (approx. 1 cm thick each).

4) Remove the core of the apples using an apple corer or a knife.

5) Apply a thick layer of cream cheese variations on the apple slices.

6) Decorate with sprinkles of choice (My kids love to do this part).

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