Egg and Toast Roll-ups

These rolls could me made in several variations. Add a sausage in between, or shredded chicken. Or make them sweet by adding sugar, Nutella or marmalade. Whatever your kid might like. It is much more fun than a regular french toast.

Conversation between me and my 8 year old:

👦🏻Ayaan: “Mumma, whats for breakfast?”
👩🏻Me: “Sunny side up?”
👦🏻Ayaan: “No.”
👩🏻Me: “Boiled egg?”
👦🏻Ayaan: “Umm, not in the mood.”
👩🏻Me: “Omelette?”
👦🏻Ayaan: “We had that yesterday.”

Do you also have days like these when your kid doesn’t want to eat the usual egg variations? The egg and toast roll-ups are perfect for those mornings. I sometimes serve them with red pepper chutney and sometimes with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Here is the recipe; written instructions below:

Ingredients: Makes 6-7 rolls / Preparation time 5 minutes / Cooking time 10 minutes

• 6 small sized whole wheat sandwich bread slices
• some butter
• cheese of choice (shredded)
• 2 eggs
• salt and pepper for seasoning
• 1/4 cup milk


1. Roll the bread slices using a roller, pressing them nicely all around.

2. Apply butter on the bread and spread cheese to cover all over.

3. Roll the bread tightly. Set aside.

4. Add salt pepper and milk to the eggs and beat them until smooth.

5. Coat the rolled bread all around with the egg mix.

6. Fry in a pan on low heat with some butter, until golden on all sides.


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